Check out the ETHDX whitepaper to know more about its goals.


First quarter of the year

  • Gain community support.
  • Multiple exchanges listing.
  • Coinmarketcap and Coincap listings.
  • Release of v1.0 of Charitable Foundation software (funds will be donated to a selected cause by the community).
  • Partnerships negotiations with multiple merchants with an incentives campaign.


Second quarter of the year

  • Marketplace website release: Allowing users from the community to buy/sell diverse items with the website as an intermediate.
  • Developers team grow to at least 6 developers, more important a backend engineer and mobile devices developer.
  • Upgrades for the Charitable Foundation software.


Third quarter of the year

  • Release of Ideas Incubator Website, powered by Ethereum Deluxe tokens where users can user their tokens as shares of any project they support.
  • Marketplace website upgrade with DHL partnerships for cheaper shippings.


Fourth quarter of the year

  • Mobile App Wallet for iOS and Android devices.
  • Hardware wallets support.
  • Start legal requirements for debit cards creation.
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